It’s time to launch this blog for the 2013 Philadelphia Flower Show Miniature Settings. The artists in this class are determined early, often at the previous year’s show, because of the time required to prepare an exhibit. The group met in September for a workshop (at Meadowbrook Farm) that confirmed the theme of the show, “Brilliant!”, which celebrates the gardening culture of Great Britain.

The meeting was organized by our Chair, Nancy Grube, and Vice-chair Ron Hoess.

Many of the artists for this year’s class attended the meeting:

At the meeting, Vice-chair Ron Hoess and long-time class contributor Deb Mackie presented ideas for aging structures and  objects used in the settings. Some of the information from their workshop is in the next blog entry. I presented information of the propagation of miniature plants and that will also be in a future blog.

The 12 settings in this class are divided into two groups: City and country. As before, I will be documenting the own production of my own setting and I also hope to include the work of other class members as their productions get going.