As we are building the boxes or frames to house our miniature settings, we have to remember to treat the wood with a fireproofing chemical. I wrote a blog about this last year but it is worth repeating now. I have just begun cutting the wood for my box and I am adding the flame retardant Flamex to my primer.

I purchased a small bottle (8 ounces) online at, a theatrical supply house. Last year I got the same thing at Philadelphia Theatrical Supply, just down the street from the Convention Center.  Their info online is:

Here is what it looks like:

Add all 8 ounces to a gallon of paint or put a proportional amount into smaller amounts of paint. Roll it on with a roller or paint with a brush. It doesn’t have to look good (this is the side that is inside our prep room) but it  has to be done because we fill out a form that certifies we have done this. Besides, if there is a fire, we don’t want the miniatures to make it worse!