Janit Calvo’s New Book

Coming out July 1 is Janit Calvo’s new book on Gardening in Miniature. She has a very nice online store with great mini-garden accessories as well as quality plants.

You can pre-order the book on Amazon.


















  1. Thank you, Dr. K! We hope to meet you at next year’s Philly show during our book tour. We are excited to be able to share our wonderful hobby with everyone!!

  2. […] I had to take down a tree in our yard. The tree, an oak, was about 70 years old judging by its rings but it was in bad shape so down it came (with much effort by the tree climbers. The tree cutters, perhaps inadvertently in their efforts to clean up the space under the dead tree, scoured the land and left a corner of our yard absolutely bare. Now, I see this as an opportunity…to put in a miniature landscape. So after I add the organic garden soil that will make for better planting, I will add the small scale trees I found at Home Depot today as a start. I don’t have a theme yet but that will come as I work in the space. I am also reading Janit Calvo’s new Miniature Gardening book which came from Amazon this week. […]

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