Ron’s Hoess’ presentation at our September meeting had some very useful information on the judges’ criteria so some of it is presented here.

Criteria for miniature settings judges viewpoint:

● First and foremost develop a unique and creative design

● Be aware of sight lines at all times. Remember the diversity of people that will be viewing your design, short people/ children, tall people, people in wheelchairs, etc. Every square inch of the available viewing area should be considered from every angle.

● Establish a distinct foreground, middle ground and background in your design.

● Backgrounds can often times make or break a miniature setting. When poorly executed they prove to be very distracting. If your forte is not painting do not attempt a landscape. Photographic backgrounds are very off pointing (avoid them)

● Use of figures and figurines should be done very discreetly. They often times are not in scale and add a “cutesy” element that is not desirable.

● Selection of plant material is paramount. This is “The Flower Show” so suitability, quantity, variety, scale and condition is crucial.

● Retain a consistency of accurate scale throughout your design. Items not in scale will be noticed first to a trained eye.

● Remain true to your theme and interpret it in such a way that the viewer does not have to guess what you are trying to convey.

Judging points:

● Craftsmanship: 25 points

Quality of miniature components and constructions

●Horticulture: 25 points

Is the plant material of appropriate size? Is it well groomed and in excellent condition?

● Intent: 20 points

Do all the elements work to carry out the exhibitors intent?

●Distinction: 15 points

Does the exhibit exemplify creativity, individuality and originality?

●Presentation: 15 points

Are the miniature components and plant material in scale? Are materials used effectively?